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Strawberry NFT

Strawberry$’s mission is to shift the current cryptocurrency trend away from animals and toward food and nature. Strawberry$ will pioneer the NFT trend by creating a platform for content creators and consumers where producers may create and offer exclusive NFT and NSFW content to their followers, in conjunction with the debut of the NFT marketplace in June.

Strawberry$ will be able to be used to purchase all NFTs and assets. You can buy, sell, and exchange NFTs with anyone in the world, regardless of geography, currency, or language.

Now is the time to join our community and wait for the next update.

Sexy sweet strawberries

Like sweet lips, looking at them makes me want to kiss

Telegram group- https://t.me/Strawberry_BSC

Telegram channel- https://t.me/StrawberryBSCchannel

Twitter- https://twitter.com/StrawberryBSC1

Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/user/StrawberryBSC



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We are building DeFi products for the community on Binance Smart Chain!